Esoteric Event Calendar

Serving Northeast Ohio and the Surrounding Communities

History of the

Calendar of Esoteric Events

by Larry Cornett

This history is written by Larry Cornett, the founder of the original Esoteric Calendar, which can be found in original form at

In 1978 I started publishing a calendar of local progressive events

In 1982, an organization called the Atlantic Pagan Council formed consisting of the organizers of all major Pagan Festivals East of the Mississippi or their representatives. Its purpose was to share information on how to make them better. The Calendar of Events began at that time mostly so that Festival Organizers could avoid accidentally scheduling their festivals simultaneously. I also offered subscriptions to the calendar by snail mail, getting hundreds of subscribers nationwide and in Canada.

I lived in New York City at the time, bought a programmable typewriter, and also published a calendar of local events.

In the years before Internet Access, electronic Pagan communication took place on Echoes, bulletin boards on various topics that were posted locally, along with comments, etc. The bulletin boards were on topics of national interest and were combined and shared nationally. The format of the Calendar was dictated by how many spaces wide a listing could be when posted in the echoes and maintain its column format.

By 1987 I had a PC; the Internet eventually became available through AOL and other services; and I posted it on the Internet, hosted by AOL.

The number of Pagan festivals (two days or longer) doubled every 4 ½ years. After several more years, the international calendar of festivals was getting huge, most people accessed it on-line, and eventually snail mail subscriptions became rare and almost all by merchants, so I stopped doing snail mail subscriptions. People can print it from the Internet

By the year 2000, maintaining the calendar manually became almost a full time job, and I started to learn how to automate it. Witches’ Voice beat me to the punch automating their version of the calendar. At that time, I stopped publishing the International major event calendar. However, the Witches Voice event entry pages required many fields to be filled out, and most events sponsors did not use it, so I continued publishing the local calendar on the Internet and in hard copy.

I am 72 years old; the number of local events has been skyrocketing, taking almost all of my free time. My health is deteriorating. I will die at some unknown date, and I need to finish writing and publishing a DIY book of shadows drawing from my Pagan experience starting in 1967.

I also had some amazing environmental adventures, with plenty of synchronicities from magic, etc. I need to write a memoir covering what happened and lessons learned. As a result, the creation of an automated esoteric calendar to replace my calendar has begun, etc.