Hi! This is the support and comments page for the event calendar testing. Please add comments to this page regarding your experiences and findings with adding events, as this will help us in improving the calendar. Please add both good and bad… This helps us in both knowing what is working as well as in finding out what to focus on first in improving the events listing experience for everybody.

Important: When commenting, please include what device you used for testing, including whether it was desktop, tablet, or mobile phone, and if using a phone, what phone (iPhone or Android, and what model).

Before you start adding events, it is helpful to read the instructions on the Tutorial page. Please also let us know if the tutorial was helpful or if you have suggestions for improving it.

Finally, we are looking for volunteers to help with maintaining the esoteric events calendar and website! If you are interested, please reach out to Larry, send us a message on the comments page, or leave a comment below letting us know how to reach you!

Thank you in advance for your help!